Brian Casey

Bio: Let me be honest, I've had a lot of fun in my life. Now, after reading some of my stories, you might question this honesty, but let me assure you, events happened the way “I” remembered them. Like any good Irishman, I subscribe to the story telling process of, why ruin a good story with the truth. We all have great stories inside of us. The only difference between you and me is that someone has pushed me for some crazy reason, to write down some of what shaped me as a person. The stories might also explain a few strange habits and addictions which I have. Like why I love pigeons and can tell you about many of the three hundred different varieties, but I can’t tell you the names of half of my relatives. I have a motto by which I judge most of my actions, "do what you won't regret." This evolved for me when my sister and I spent time with Dad in his final year and months. We don’t often have the chance for a “do over.” However, notice I didn't say all of my actions. There are many situations and actions when I probably should have applied that motto with a little more zeal. But then, you would miss out on some good stories which, really, were all part of growing up. I don’t believe I am fully grown up yet, although I can remember radio shows, Sputnik, and the moon landing. Each new adventure adds to growth. Some, for sure make us stronger, others knock us down an inch or two. Either way, they are all precious memories which we guard with more fervor than our material possessions. This blog is nothing more than a collection of some my valuable memories. Oh, and one other thing. I would often tell my mom that I was her favorite out of four kids. She would respond with, “No Brian, you are my special child.” She passed without ever explaining what she meant by that. Maybe after reading some of these stories you could help me understand her viewpoint a little better.

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One thought on “About

  1. I really enjoyed reading “All Part of Growing Up”. I was right there with you every step (word) of the way. God has blessed you with so many talents – now that is the “luck of the Irish”. Maybe we should drink a toast to that! So keep on writing and painting and sharing it with me and your friends. We love you and all your talents. God Bless!

    Beula and Family


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